5 Gift Ideas for Your Colleagues

This season, tap into the zeitgeist health conscious and looking for gifts for your employees healthy.

The trick is not to choose something that can be mistaken as an indication – for example, will not you give a colleague the idea that you think she should lose weight.

If you are the boss and buy in bulk, Staples Advantage has a lot of health conscious products, you can put your company logo on. Here are some other healthy gift ideas:

1. Yoga Mat. About 16 million Americans yoga and that doesn’t include pilates people or other athletes who need their own mats for hygiene’s sake. Look for mats printed with yoga pictures, or have them monogrammed with your staff initials. Check out Charity math you can find it at Target.

2. Custom Label Bottled Water. People who work outdoors can always use new water bottles to replace their old moldy themselves, or they’ve forgotten at the gym. Or maybe you have an employee who likes to sip water at their desks. In fact, a BPA-free bottle personalized with your name counterparts, which may be found at Green Routes, may help her to hold onto it for longer. Plus shell helping the environment by reducing the amount of engangs water bottles she uses.

3. Personal air filter. Give the gift of fresh air. These air filters are small enough to sit on your desk and clear your cubicle or office of pollutants and odors. You are looking for the terrestrial Blue air Clean Air Ball or purpose of humor to the shark-shaped purifier.

4. Pedometer. A great gift for a co-worker who goes to walk or jog before work. It’s fun to your overall progress both steps walked and calories burned. Check this USB Pedometer that you wear around your neck to record your distance. You can then connect it to your computer and track your progress through charts and graphs.

5. Bucky balls. If you need to do something with your hands while you are being creative or if you just need to take a mental break, Bucky balls are great desk side entertainment. These teeny but super-strong rare earth magnetic beads can be formed into shapes, or simply pushed around fingers for a tactile experience.


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