Custom Label Bottled Water Products

Custom Label Bottled Water Products from Liquid Assets offers unique products – Bottles with customized design and size and with your own Private Label.

Liquid Assets Bottled Water offers bottle sizes from 8 oz to 1.5 liter bottles with the 16.9 oz being the most popular, Liquid Assets Bottled Water can bottle a finished quality package to your exact specifications. With 7 production facilities across the country we can provide you custom label bottled water on time and at a affordable price.

8 oz custom label bottled waterLabels: Liquid Assets Bottled Water feels that having a great design and first class appearance is a reflection of your company, with our labels (made of polyprophelene) your label will not peel or discolor when submerged in ice coolers or refrigerators for months! There really is a difference in our labels and labels made of paper with a laminate overlay.

Available in flat top caps as well as sport top and Bullet Bottle only available in Northeast US, unless by truckload orders.

Pricing: As each order is customized to the recipient’s specifications, we ask that you complete the inquiry form.