Private labeled water gives businesses a real tangible arsenal of marketing tools.

Facebook just launched its landmark IPO among much hype and warnings but could investing in Custom Label Bottled Water as a marketing tool be a safer investment than Facebook shares or Facebook advertising?

Some respect is certainly due to Facebook founders and employees for developing such a valuable company in such a short period of time. However, lawsuits continue to hover around privacy abuses and beyond the hype many are
giving Facebook shares the thumbs down just to spite the company.

Despite an early surge in trading, Facebook’s stock price had fallen back to starting point by 3:30pm and continued to dive in after hours trading.

GM did nothing to help Facebook’s IPO by pulling $10 million in annual spending on Facebook ads, leading many to question their profitability.

In contrast Custom Label Bottled Water have been rising in popularity and effectiveness for a wide range of businesses who have been harnessing their power for raising brand awareness, cultivating referrals and lead generation.

Private labeled water gives businesses a real tangible arsenal of marketing tools that isn’t just floating around in the cloud. They can be used to increase visibility, aid in positioning, change the mood of prospects and generate real business, plus they can last a lot longer than other types of flash marketing.

In reality, Facebook marketing does work for most businesses. In Fact GM is still planning to spend $30 million a year on maintaining its Facebook pages, just not on ads.

Innovative business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers are actually finding that combining Custom Label Bottled Water and Facebook marketing together can compound the results of both for an even better ROI, increased conversion rates and better customer retention.

Who can benefit from this type of marketing campaign?

  • Doctors, dental and chiropractor’s offices
  • Health & wellness centers including gyms and spas
  • Car dealers
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Event planners
  • Financial services businesses
  • Real estate related companies
  • Many more


Facebook marketing and Custom Label Bottled Water can be brought together for winning marketing initiates in many ways. This includes links or QR codes on customized labels which can be directed to Facebook pages, iFrames for capturing contact information including email addresses and spurring more likes as well as linking to videos, photos and albums.

These strategies clearly not only hold the potential for gaining more business now but also decreasing the cost of ongoing marketing, while driving up the value of each business lead and customer over their lifetime, while making referrals a breeze.

Article by CBOW

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